Unleash the Beast

Summer days are dwindling.

As are my cravings for a good salad.

the colder it gets, the more I prefer my veggies roasted rather than raw

Today, however, I indulged in a long (expensive) trip to the grocery store, and seeing a fridge stocked with beautiful, fresh produce got my veggie tooth screaming for a salad beast.

Step 1

choose your serving vessel of choice.

Mixing bowl for me.

Step 2

The base.

Romain and spinach

Step 3

The bulk.

Celery, cucumber, tomato, onion

Step 4

The protien.

boiled lentils

Step 5

The garnish.

goats cheese, strawberries, walnuts

Step 6

The dressing. Sabra’s roasted red pepper hummus and lemon juice

That, friends, is how you make a MEAL out of your salad


4 thoughts on “Unleash the Beast

    • it was fantastic, weird, the flavours shouldnt go together… lentils, strawberries and roasted red pepper hummmus… what ever though i cleaned my mixing bolw =D

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