Rules is rules

After my first 10k on Sunday, I was feeling pretty darn epic. I was too busy basking in my post race glory and it didn’t occur to me to put my jacket back on, even though I was sweaty, and it was chilly in Canmore.

Now I’m sick.

throat tickle–>sore throat–>snottyness–>sinus pressure

–>head ache

Now, I’m aware of the rules.

If your sickness is ‘above the neck’ ie. not in your chest, you’re fine to work out. But I didn’t want to. So I’m hanging out on my couch.

If you’re sick, eat clean, unprocessed foods so that your body can focus on fighting off your sickness, and not all the weird stuff in your food. That makes sense to me, but what do you do when all you want is ice cream to soothe your sore throat?


You have ice cream. Or something.







Banana Softserve







One real food ingredient.


 Rules is rules



5 thoughts on “Rules is rules

  1. Banana soft serve is so much better than ice cream anyways.. at least I think so. Unless it’s coconut ice cream.. than my opinion has to change because coconut ice cream is out of this world.

    Get better soon! 🙂

  2. totally! who wants a measly half cup of ice cream, one frozen banana made a ton
    I havent tried coconut icecream yet! haave to get on that

    thanks doll!

  3. Banana soft serve is easily one of the best creations of all time! I love to warm up some peanut butter in the microwave and drizzle it on top! Yum!

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