Fibre Up

My homework for the weekend was to keep a food log to determine whether or not I am getting enough fibre. It’s ok to be jealous.

Fibre is important in any healthy diet. It improves bowel function, Reduces blood cholesterol, promotes feeling of fullness and it slows absorption of carbohydrates, which steadies blood sugar after a meal.

The recommended daily amount of fibre for females 19-50 years old is 25g.

My blog isn’t a ‘this is everything I ate today’ blog, but this is everything I ate today.



Food Amount Fibre
Plain non-fat yogurt 3/4 c. 0g
Raw oats 1/3 c. 2.6g
Nectarine .5 1.3g
Strawberries 1/3 c. sliced 2.2g
Peanut butter 1 tbsp 1g
Pecans 1 tbsp 0.7g
Total Fibre 7.8g



Food Amount Fibre
Sprouted wheat bread 1 slice 5 g
Hummus 2 tbsp 1.5 g
Liquid egg whites 1/3 c. 0g
Tomato 1 slice 0.5 g
Carrot sticks ½ c. 2.8 g
Salsa ¼ c. 1g
Kashi cereal ½ c. 4g
Total Fibre 14.8g


Food Amount Fibre
Edamame 1 c. In pods 6g
Nectarine 0.5 1.3g
Total Fibre 7.3g


Food Amount Fibre
Quinoa 1/2 c. Cooked 2g
Chick peas 1/4 c. 3.1g
Sugar snap peas 1 c. steamed 2g
Baked Tofu 3 oz 2g
Total Fibre 9.1g

Total Fibre 39g.

It baffles me that people actually struggle to get enough fibre in their diets! Today was just a normal day of eating and I got 14 extra grams of fibre into me!

Sometimes people who have too much fibre in their diet suffer digestive issues. Gas, bloating, constipation not fun times. However. If you are drinking adequate amounts of fluids, it really shouldn’t be a problem

Fibre up. Fluids up.

I’ll leave you all with the recipe for the baked tofu portion of my dinner today

Honey-Soy Tofu

  • 1/2 block pressed extra-firm tofu
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp low-sodium soy-sauce
  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp cashews, chopped
  • salt and pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. In a small bowl, mix together last five ingredients. Slice your pressed tofu into bite sized nuggets, toss with the cashew sauce and bake for 25 minutes. Check your tofu every so often, honey burns!


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