Transformers: Left overs edition

Left overs are not boring. Left over are an opportunity.

Recall if you will the quinoa and chickpeas I had for dinner last night.

I always end up with left overs of quinoa, even if I measure out a proper portion, it just makes way too much. I also hate to waste food. Hate it.

So what was I to do with the bounty of complete protein (nutrition class word vomit) in my fridge!?!

chick-pea quinoa burgers? chick-pea quinoa balls(heehee)? Maybe a casserole… fritters, salad topper… no.. wait…

Chick-pea Quinoa Scramble! Eureka. Eu-freakin-reka.

For one

  • 1c. Quinoa/ Chickpea mixture
  • Onion, mushroom, asperagus, chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 c. liquid egg whites
  • cheddar cheese
  • hummus
  • salt and pepper

In a pan, sautee veggies. Once veggies are tender, add chick-pea and quinoa mixture and heat through. In a small bowl scramble your egg whites with the salt and pepper and add to the pan stirring constantly until eggs are no longer runny. Add a scoop of hummus and stir. Meanwhile (for all you multi-taskers) cook your egg however you fancy (over easy for me) and top your quinoa bowl with it, along with as much grated cheese as you would like. So a lot.

Magical isn’t it? What used to be, let’s face it, a bland mixture of quinoa and chickpeas has transformed into a cheesy, protein packed, veggified whole new meal! score. Only thing is now I have left overs of my left overs.


2 thoughts on “Transformers: Left overs edition

  1. yay five days have not passed between postings!
    and, delicious yet again. seriously, take professional cooking as a second major. you will do [cook] great things.

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