Remember when I told you that I bought a Garmin 405 and have no idea how to use it?

Well thanks to a quick coffee date/ Garmin info session with my friend Sarah: massage therapist, marathon runner extrordanare, I’m basically a pro now.

So, today, I hopped on my bike, Garmin strapped on my wrist, heart rate monitor strapped under my sports bra, in search of a 5 mile loop around my house.

Bingo. I love this thing.

Came home sparkly, and ready for a kitchen sink salad

Salad prep is hazardous when your can opener is inoperable.

Veggies, beans, blah blah blah. the star of the show was clearly the pile of pita chips.

Trash TV then BED. tomorrow will be my first run with my Garmin. !


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