Change of Plans

Chocolate cake for breakfast?

I can hadle that.

I’ve had this on my to-do list for a while, I’ve just never had all three ingredients in my house at the same time.

Yeah. Three ingredient chocolate cake.

I didn’t make the whole recipe, just enough to crumble ontop of some over night oats for my breakfast, and some to wrap into a ball for my friend Preeya to taste test.

My body just wasn’t agreeing with my agenda for today! Luckily things worked out, and I didn’t waste a bunch of time like I thought I would, let me explain.

Original Plan:

Wake up, eat breakfast, hang out with Preeya until 12, go for a 3.5 mile run

Reality. Wake up, eat breakfast, hang out with Preeya + have a small coffee. By the time I was supposed to head off for my run, it was too long after breakfast, and I crashed off of the coffee. No. Energy.

Plan B

Go home, have something to eat, go for a run around the house.

But then… I was just about to hop on the train hope when I received a text from my friend Sarah, who I asked to let me know if she could join me for my run today, letting me know that she can meet me in about twenty minutes for the run. So I decided to stick to the original plan, grab a banana for $1.25, and go for a lovely 3.5 miler with Sarah and my garmin! So glad I did.

Running with my Garmin was obviously great for letting me know my distance, but it also told me I’m slower than I thought I was! I’m going to try not to get hung up on my pace, atleast I can run. Jog. Whatever.


11 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. hahahha yummiest chocolate cake ever. also, where are our halloween costumes! those were definitely blog worthy.

    • I know i know!! I was in such a jumble before I met sarah I think the paper fell out of my purse into my locker, so soon enough m’dear!

  2. I want a Garmin! Desperately. Like now. I’m extremely jealous of you right now. Especially since you have a Garmin AND ate cake for breakfast.

  3. That breakfast looks aaaah-mazing.
    Daily schedules and I just don’t get along… so I know exactly how you feel about not sticking to your plan. At least you still had a good day and got to do most of the things you’d planned to 🙂

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