A cupcake a month

Glad you enjoyed my monster slice of pizza. I’ll admit, between bites I was singing pa-pa-pa-pizza face pa-pa-pizza face, to the tune of Poker Face. Hey, how do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poke her face.

Moving on.

It was another beautiful day in CowTown

Last time you met my friend Preeya, I said we typically work out and eat. It’s true. In fact, we did that today, but apparently that’s not all! After some discussion, other common activities also include people watching, facebook creeping, watching Glee, watching questionable youtube videos and, as of today, thrift store shopping!

Today we went to a noon hour belly dancing class – hilarious – and refuled with a balanced lunch.

Coffee + Pumpkin Spice (!!!) Cupcake from Crave Cupcakes!

New tradition = taste every one of Crave’s ‘cupcake of the month’! An apple a day, A cupcake a month?

f.y.i. I like the 80/ 20 approach to eating. Eat healthy 80% of the time, and complete crap the other 20%.

Anyways, today we were on a mission to find a Halloween costume, hoping for inspiration from unique finds at the many thrift stores around town.

 Unfortunately we weren’t very successful, I think we should have gone into it with a vague idea of what we were looking for.

 I’m not interested in being a sexy cop, nurse, clown, bumble bee, cow girl, rabbit. No. Just no. Remember when halloween costumes were scary, not slutty?

Any ideas? Help a sister out.


3 thoughts on “A cupcake a month

  1. I easily do those common activities daily. Well except for Glee, I can only do that on Tuesdays but I think you catch my drift. Catch my drift.. what does that saying even mean? Like, how do you catch someone’s drift? I just don’t know.

    I’m going the uncreative route and just buying my costume – greek goddess. I know, unique. But I’ve always wanted to be one and I decided to just go for it this year.

    • HAHah, I always think of farts when someone says “catch my drift” wow.
      You’ll be a super cute greek goddess though! Cant wait to see it

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