Voices in my Head

A few weeks ago I registered for a 10K

My last 10k, which was also my first race ever, I registered for 2 days before race day. This was the most spontaneous thing I’ve done in my entire life.

 This time, however, I’ve given myself a good 7 weeks to train!

On the schedule for today was 4 miles, which for whatever reason, seemed like a very daunting distance for me! I had nightmares all night, not the kind where you wake up in a cold sweat, but I was dreaming that I slept in, had a breakfast that didn’t sit very well in my stomach, the four miles just wouldn’t finish. Nightmares.

I woke up nervous for my run, I was doubting myself like crazy and kept seeing myself having to stop to walk every half a mile, defeated and discouraged.

This running thing makes me mental. My run was great! The voices in my head sure kept me entertained. 

Knee hurts. ankle hurts. hip hurts. why do people run? it hurts

Why am I running in this crop top?

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people running down the river, this is awesome

I’m so sweaty, I feel so bad for the person who has to sit next to me on the train on my way home…

I wonder what I’d be doing right now if I hadn’t registered for that race

Being a mime for Halloween is a good idea, that way, if a creep trys to talk to me at the club, I can not talk back and it won’t seem like I’m a snob, just really into my character… I’ll be a mime

This is going to be my first Thanksgiving as a pesco-lacto-ovo-tarian not eating turkey, I guess I’ll just have to fill up on mashed potatoes.

I really shouldn’t be running here, someone got stabbed here the other night. I could get stabbed. Well I guess I could get stabbed at anytime, any place… crazy people out there.

What is that beeping? OH 3 miles down! I love you garmin, always bringing me good news

I think I’ll try baking bread today

and bake bread I did

Using this recipe. It was dense and tasted brown. My white bread loving family has managed to make half the loaf dissapear. Success!


6 thoughts on “Voices in my Head

  1. Yayyy! Happy the fam loved the bread. You are making me want to bake another loaf, which in all likelihood is, erm, likely 😉

    YES to a 10k race! And I really like the mime idea 😉

    • I’m soooo glad I tried out your recipe it’s soooo good and easy peasy! I may never buy bread again! hahah the mime thing really is fool proof 😀

  2. I just came across your blog through the healthy living blogs website and thought I’d say hi as I’m from Calgary as well. I had to comment on this post because I’m running the Run Without Borders this weekend as well…but I’m doing the 5k 🙂

    • ooh thanks for saying hello! That is so exciting that your doing the run without borders too! have an awesome time and let me know how it goes 😀

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