Impulse Buys

I give into temptation so easily. I’m a shameless impulse buyer, and for that reason, I now have <$10 in my bank account until October 16th.

But really…try walking by the natural foods market on your way home and NOT buying an organic butter cup squash and kobacha squash for $11.91. I DARE you.


This sweet little butter cup squash was almost too cute to cut up and roast with coconut oil and sea salt. But I did it anyway.

With a hunka home made bread. Dinner is served.

Kobacha, you’re next.


4 thoughts on “Impulse Buys

  1. I’m an impulse buyer too. In fact, last week I impulsively bought 2 tickets to a Lifehouse concert in Seattle in November. It was like 10pm and I hadn’t even asked anyone to go with me. I just bought them. Because I wanted to.

    Poor kabocha squash, it has no idea what’s in store for it.

  2. hahah! atleast we get good things out of our impulse buys, you get to go to a concert (have you found anyone to go with !?) and I got a killa dinna. You can’t over think these things, If i didnt get the squash, Id be having scrambled eggs for the 1000000th time this week

  3. Hey now, nothing wrong with scrambled eggs! Even if you eat them 1000000000x. I think I’ve had oatmeal every day for.. months. It’s kind of pathetic.

    I haven’t really found anyone to go with. My sister doesn’t want to see them again, one of my other friends is saving up for something else and then pretty much everyone has that thing called school. I’ll probably end up bringing my mom.. haha. My coolness factor is off the charts.

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