Get Zen

Usually Sundays are my sleep in and go to yoga days. Unfortunately I’ve been abnormally busy lately, my homework has been neglected, and I had to put yoga on the back burner for today. Sorry hips! Sorry hamstrings! Sorry upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders and over all sense of balance!

Two presentations on Tuesday = TOO many hours staring at my laptop screen. I was thiiiiis close to going cross-eyed when I decided I had enough homework for the day.

First I took my bike for a seven-ish mile spin. Passed on the garmin and ipod, however, so I could get a little zen into the day.

and then… MUFFINS


Whole-grain apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins to be exact! Even my brother who 99.9% of the time declares my baked goods to be un-impressive/ un-sweet/ in-edible enjoyed them!

Baking = Laundry.

Bike. Bake. Blog. BED.


2 thoughts on “Get Zen

  1. Sexy jeans. I want floured hand prints on mine too.

    My brother surprisingly likes my baking (usually), but my dad on the other hand.. isn’t always a fan. Except that recently he’s been liking what I’ve been making which either means I’m getting better or he’s just getting desperate.

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