False alarm with my skin situation, after I gave my hands a good wash, the dry flakiness went away, it was just dried up moisture from the squash I had just hacked up.

Speaking of squash and hacking…

Remember that Kabocha squash?

he is no more.

I hacked him into a million pieces and roasted him at 375 for an hour with olive oil and I have stored his remains in my fridge. Then I stuffed bits of his carcass into a whole grain wrap with hummus and feta cheese.

I`m just feeling a little Halloweeny.

It turns out I`ve been reading/ writing/ saying kabocha squash wrong

I`ve been reading/ writing/ saying kobacha. I didn`t realize until I typed it into google and was corrected

how embarrassing.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. When I was little I used to mix up the words ‘knife/ knives’ and ‘leaf/ leaves’ all the time.

‘I love autumn when the knives begin to fall.’ <—- an example of  an elementary school journal entry. My teachers never mentioned anything though. They were probably afraid I’d go kabocha on them.


2 thoughts on “Murderer

  1. Lmao.. you’re crazy. I’ll make sure never to say anything to piss you off because I don’t want to get stuffed in a wrap like Kabocha. 😉

    For the longest time I had difficulties saying bear/beer and I always messed them up. Even now I have to mentally remind myself have to say them properly. Totally not my fault though because the difference is fairly subtle..

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