Ready? Set…


I’ve got my play-list set

  1. Nantes: Beirut
  2. Empire State of Mind: Glee Cast
  3. Beautiful World: Coldplay
  4. Scenic World: Beirut
  5. Ms Jackson: Outkast
  6. Fix You: Coldplay
  7. Talk: Coldplay
  8. Death and all His Friends: Coldplay
  9. Stereo Love: Edward Maya
  10. We Looked like Giants: Death Cab for Cutie
  11. She Moves in Her Own Way: The Kooks
  12. Lucky: Glee Cast
  13. All These Things that I’ve Done: The Killers
  14. Time is Running Out: Muse

I’ve got my clothes laid out

I’ve got my Garmin cleared

I’ve got a belly full of carbs!

Brown rice mixed with wilted spinach and salsa, topped with a scrambled egg with cheese AND a piece of toast

Let’s run this run!

I know, some people eat 10k’s for breakfast. But for a girl who used to consistently ‘forget’ her gym strip so that she wouldn’t have to do the 12 minute run… every run is a big deal

I’m more excited/ nervous for this race than I was for my first because, well I signed up for my first 10k 48 hours before I was supposed to cross the starting line and by the time I figured out I was running a 10k, I was already chowing down on my post-race veggie burger [f.y.i. food tastes reeaaalllly good after a race. Coffee too.]

Time to stretch and sleep. Wish me luck!


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