Run without Borders 1oK

I had dreams of running all night!

I woke up about 3 times thinking that the 10k was already over, alas, I still had me some running to do.

When my alarm finally went off at 5:55 am I bounded out of bed, threw on my clothes, downed a bowl of overnight oats, and so much water I thought I was going to explode and patiently waited to leave.

My mom came along to cheer me on, and my cousin Aliya registered for the race only last week!

The race was a pretty straight forward out and back.

I popped this date around 7k

and zooomed to the finish in 1:08. 22 minutes faster than my first 10k (which I ran/ walked)

Gobbled up a granola bar on the drive home, coffee would have been amazing

and now here I am, stretched, showered, with a big slice of pizza. Life’s goooood.


3 thoughts on “Run without Borders 1oK

  1. That’s awesome that you took 22 minutes off of our previous time!! Did you notice that the course because of the construction was an extra half kilometer?

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