I’ll be honest, I’m pretty bad at planning meals.

Breakfasts are usually exactly the same for months and months on end.

Lunch is usually a mish-mash of things that attract as little attention as possible while I’m in class, or at the library, or at work.

and more often than not, I don’t think about dinner until… dinner time, and by then I’m usually too hungry to make anything too fancy, and dinner ends up being scrambled eggs or something.

But today my mom announced that she was making spaghetti and I had been craving spaghetti all day! TELEPATHETIC! (That’s how my mom says it) Good thing she offered to make it, I’m not patient enough to even wait for the noodles to boil.

I distracted my puzzled stomach –who do you think you are? Feed me. Yo, there are eggs. There’s cereal. SOMETHING- by watching criminal minds studying about celiac disease and then FINALLY.

As much as I hate ignoring my growling stomach, my mom’s spaghetti sauce is worth the wait. I’m pretty sure she slips some special herbs (not those kinds) in there or something.


001Topped with a fist full of chickpeas and a sprinkling of cheese.

Craving Kicked!


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