8 sticks of butter

Between all the potatoes and desserts, with butter cream and caramel sauce, I successfully polished off 8 sticks of butter in the making of last nights Christmas dinner. I think my new apron [thanks Preeya!] brought out my inner Paula DeanDSC02126

For all the cooking that happened, the day was very relaxing. I was in charge of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, ‘nasty-hippie-vegetarian-grass-seed-dirt-food’ appetizers and DESSERT.

The cake that I baked on Friday at 2 am turned out great, but I wasn’t going to stop with a simple chocolate cake, who do you think you’re talking to here?



“Chocolate Layer Cake with Vanilla Butter-Cream and Toblerone Ganache” sounded more appropriate for this Christmas (and birthday)celebration. Plus, butter-cream covers up stolen bites of cake any damages pretty darn well.DSC02168

and because even though a cake that holds 3 sticks of butter is a nice gesture, there’s no way it would be enough dessert for my sweet-toothed family! So I made some sticky toffee pudding.


The sauce is made of brown sugar, cream and butter, in case you were wondering. Here is the recipe. Do it.

We feasted and chatted, played cranium and shared ‘yo mama’ jokes until the wee hours of the morning.

When I woke up at 1 a.m. today (I’m as shocked as you are) I wanted, I neeeded a green monster


1/2 banana, 3 dried prunes, 1 c. soymilk, hand-full of spinach, spoon-full of flax meal, ice

Merry Christmas! Go eat a cookie.


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