Midnight Bake

The last week has been ohso busy and OHso fun. I worked and played and ate lots and lots of chocolate!

Because it was so busy, and I was in charge of dessert for Christmas dinner, I needed to get some baking done was Thursday night (Friday morning).

and all through the house, just two creatures were stirring, and whisking and folding and staying awake with home made coffee liquor over ice with a splash-a-cream. bzzzzzzz.

I invited Preeya to come over and bake with me. I knew that if I had some company there would be less of a chance that I’d fall asleep face first into a bowl of cake batter. Sweeet Dreams.

 DSC02107 DSC02108DSC02101DSC02104DSC02103DSC02105  

We really only had to make a chocolate cake—my uncle was born on Christmas Day, so we always have a cake— I followed this recipe.

  DSC02118 DSC02119 DSC02121 

While it baked we cleaned…


sweeeeeeeeeeet dreams.


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