Sleepy Head

It’s funny. Lately I’ve been sleeping well, eating like a normal person (read: apples in place of Christmas cookies for snacks, and even a vegetable once in a while) and taking my Vitamin D like a good girl. But today, I was nodding off all. day. long.

I wanted nothing more than to go home after work and face plant into something soft but I couldn’t. Because I had a hot date. Bikram Yoga with my Mumzie. Besides, all the tiredness was in my head. From the neck down I was energetic and ready to sweat away anything left over from last year.

I’ve been practising yoga consistently for a little over a year. Until about two months ago I had only practised in one studio where classes have been either vinyasa flow or hatha—if you’re from Calgary, I can’t recommend The Yoga Passage enough– I’m obsessed with ‘my’ studio and come out of every class refreshed and cleansed. Each instructor encourages you to challenge yourself but do what your body is telling you. I hear littlethank you! thank you!’s’ coming out of every pore of my body after each class.

But Bikram.

Is hard, and mean. It’s painful and epic. It makes me feel nauseous and weak in the knees and completely bad ass. I come out of every class dizzy and feeling as though I was just drugged and beaten. It’s awesome.

I bought my mom a pass and a studio close by for her birthday in October and there just so happened to be a special for a student pass. sold. I really didn’t enjoy bikram at fist at all but now I love the torturous sweaty glory of it just as much as my usual rainbows and butterflies vinyasa classes.

O.K. I’m sure you didn’t come all this way just to listen to me ramble about yoga and how inexplicably tired I am. Here’s some food.


Pumpkin Stuffed Quesadilla

  • 1 Whole-grain tortilla
  • Pumpkin-Hummus spread (Mix 2 scoops of canned pumpkin with 1 scoop of hummus)
  • Dijon mustard (makes this dish)
  • Sharp cheddar
  • Spinach

My family thinks I’m with child. I think this was delicious.



4 thoughts on “Sleepy Head

    • that would be awesommeee! if you ever are passing through cow town for whatever reason PLEASE let me know we can cook things and do yoga. it will be grand.

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