Virus, No. Fungus, Yes

Get ready for a constant stream of posts.

In an attempt to prevent any viruses from entering my home computer — which I’ve taken over for the last month or so since my laptop was infiltrated– my dad went and bought me a MacBook Pro. I am not complaining. Not to say that I’d do anything on the computer to put it in any danger. My dad thinks that youtube is a virus. my dad thinks that Facebook is a virus. My dad thinks that every update, every instant message and every 10 second stall is a virus. I’ve learned to choose my battles, and in the end it payed! Blogging was a pain on my ancient home computer but on this pretty little device I’ll be blogging meals before they’ve had time to digest! Too much?

I’ve mentioned before that I have an awesome job, work with an awesome group of ladies and I have an awesome boss (hey, boss!). She got me this fantastic cookbook for Christmas and after drooling over recipes I finally had essentially everything to tackle one of the recipes.

Polenta with Mushroom Ragout. As a lover of all things fungus, this was at the top of my to-do list. I made a few changes (as I do with almost every recipe) according to what I had on hand. I cooked the polenta in veggie broth, used sharp cheddar in place of parmesan and finished the ragout with some butter to make it sparkle.

Plus hot sauce. Always hot sauce.

I’m going to play around on my new computer for a while, I’ve been a PC my whole life!


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