Taste Twisted

Last night I enjoyed three generous glasses of wine before during and after dinner. I slept wayy in and woke up this morning a little sore (in the brain) but it was all worth it for a really super night!

I contemplated breakfast, my stomach was growly but my appetite was off, I thought that I felt like eggs for breakfast, which is absolutely absurd. I like doughy-carby-nut-buttery breakfasts that are slightly sweet with lots of texture.

I played along with my ‘appetite’ and assembled a make-shift egg sandwich. One bite in my taste buds were clearly puzzled, everything just tasted foul! I spat it out dramatically and got ready for yoga, it looked like I was going to have to WORK for an appetite.

And work, I did! I could taste last night’s chardonnay in my sweat. Yoga was amazing as usual, so many Utkatasanas my quads are going to be talking tomorrow. The instructor was a hilarious and bubbly little pregnant woman who played James Blunt throughout the class and We’re all in this Together by Ben Lee during Savasana which was a fun change of pace as most instructors stick to chanting and sitars or silence (which I also love).

I burst through the door at 4pm, most definitely ready for some sustenance.

A BIG bowl of oatmeal was in order.


  • Oats
  • Water/soymilk
  • Banana
  • Pumpkin puree <–(volume volume volume!)
  • Cinnamon


Totally worth the wait.


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