Communication is Key

I’ve recently been noticing the abnormality of the way my family communicates.

via text…

but mostly via obnoxious scribbled notes scattered around the house. I think maybe I should suggest a family meeting or something.



I always go out of my way to pick up a thing of gum at the grocery store but it never stays in the kitchen where EVERYONE has access to it, it usually ends up in my dad’s office.

“No shoes beyond this point” which my brother then changed to “No hoes beyond this point”

“Dear Dad, Turn off the iron when you are DONE!!” yes, that is a picture of my mom, my brother and I ablaze. I had to get my point across

Strangely enough, the communication between my taste-buds and brain has been a bit off lately too. I’m suffering from nothing-sounds-good syndrome and I end up with dinners like this

a mish mash of chick peas, feta, hot sauce hummus and tomatoes with a side of roasted sweet potato and cauliflower with half a pita. It worked.

Roger that.


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