Time for an Adventure!

My ideal schedule would look a little something like this…

*eat. school. gym. eat. homework/study. eat. blog. sleep for 12-14 hours. repeat.*

unfortunately lately it looks more like…

~eat. school(but really facebook stalk and read blogs). gym. people watch. read blogs. facebook stalk. facebook stalk. read blogs. eat. eat while reading blogs. read blogs while people watching. people watch while facebook stalking. eat. sleep for 12-14 hours.~

at least the eating and exercising are constant.

I wish I was kidding about the sleeping-for-12-to-14-hours thing.

This is why I make to-do lists.

My current ‘schedule’ doesn’t require much work, it does leave me feeling unmotivated and thus unaccomplished. It leaves me bored and eating dinners like peanut butter off a spoon with roasted broccoli on the side. Can you blame me for not blogging so much?

It’s time, friends, to put the peanut butter down and find something exciting to do. Whatever it is, I’ll keep ya posted.


I wish I was kidding about the peanut-butter-off-a-spoon-for-dinner thing.


On another note !

My friend Sarah, massage therapist, marathon runner extraordinaire has a fantastic shop on Etsy where she sells her hand made cards. She is so fabulous that she offered a deal for you, my fabulous readers

Visit her shop and use the coupon code BLOG20 to take 20% off your ENTIRE order until Feb. 15.

Toodle-oo !!


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