Once you go Greek

I got a veeerrry generous gift card to a natural food store for Christmas and finally got a chance to spend it on some goodies that I’ve been wanting to try but the wallet would not allow for.

The first item on my list was without a doubt Greek Yogurt. I had never tried it and there isn’t a very good supply of the stuff here and the few that I have been able to find are so. dang. expensive. Because I eat yogurt on the regular (like every day for breakfast for the last million years) I will have to stick with my usual Organic Balkan Style.

Twice the protein. Twice the price.

I mixed a scoop of it into my usual mess of ingredients (raw oats, banana, chia seeds, dried cranberries)

Holy mother of dough.

Topped with honey and peanut butter because I’m addicted.

I loved the greek! Not tangy at all. I’ll try to savour the little container as much as I can, but now that I’ve tried it, my wallet may have to suffer the consequences.



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