Beet it

On my trip to the natural foods store earlier this week, I was super committed to only using my gift card on things I’ve seen around the blogosphere but are just too expensive for me to indulge in.

greek yogurt, nutritional yeast, sunflower seed butter,

agave, coconut butter, kombucha

But as I passed the produce section I passed some beautiful golden beets that just pushed their way into my basket.

I don’t think I even like beets.

Beets remind me of when I was a 14 year old prep cook in a two star restaurant where the chef would ask me to julienne a box of beets every day. They stank and stained my hands.

I got a flash back of those days when I was chopping up these beets and caught a whiff.

I roasted them with a drizzle each of honey and olive oil at 400 for about 40 minutes

On a bed of spinach with roasted garlic goats cheese and balsamic reduction. I don’t know, I was in a weird mood.



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