Accidentally Vegan

The vegan for a week challenge ended yesterday, but I accidentally ate vegan for breakfast, lunch and snacks today! Last Monday I thought that I would suffer through the week and the second that the challenge would be over, I’d have a big bowl of yogurt with an egg on top sprinkled with cheese and melted butter. This was definitely not the case, I actually found veganism delicious and I didn’t crave any non-vegan foods unless I was hungry and they were right there, like the day I came home late and the house reeked of cheesy scrambled eggs, that was the day I made the tofu scramble. Another bonus was that I literally never craved junky foods because I was so focused on getting all the nutrition into me. No, I will not be committing to veganism but I will be enjoying vegan meals on a more regular basis.

Of all things to break my veganism.

Spinach pizza from Costco. I was feeling gourmet.


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