Blue Skies


Nothing but lies. Don’t be fooled by this pretty face.

Beneath that blue rectangle is freezing cold air.

My mom and I had a lunch date and fought with the parking meter for TWENTY MINUTES because the machine’s screen kept freezing.

We swore and cried and beat the meter and finally made it to our lunch destination District.

I thawed myself out with a bowl of green tea + 3 refills

Mom: What should we get? Let’s share things.

Me: I can’t read the menu! (the menu is written on chalkboards that are hung on the walls) the part of my eye that sees things is frozen!

Mom: What’s ji-noh-chee?

Me: gnocchi (nyo-ki)? Seriously?

Mom: GNOCCHI. whatever.

We split the ji-noh-chee with artichoke and salmon — which was fantastic, but really, doughy dumplings tossed in butter, how bad could that be ? —  and a salad that we attacked before I could take a picture of it.


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