^ That means sushi-chef in Japanese. I googled it.

Last night I was feeling feisty and made myself some sushi. Veggie sushi because I feel like I’ve been o.d.-ing on the fish lately, hey mercury, wassap.

One roll contained quinoa, tofu and asparagus that I quickly sautéed with a little soy-sauce

and the other had quinoa and crispy sweet potato fries

Ugly end peices. That went straight to my belly.

I really just wanted some soy sauce but the sushi was a nice accompaniment

Last day to get some hemp hearts !


2 thoughts on “Itamae

  1. Cool~ that looks good. though I might change quinoa to brown rice and asparagus to avocado. I really love homemade sushi because you can always wrap it with the flavors you like.
    If you want to find more vegetarian recipes, just visit the following website:
    Check it out! I hope you can find some recipes that interest you! Just enjoy making healthy food!

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