She Lives!

I left you with a picture of a plate piled high with spaghetti in a smooth avocado sauce. The verdict? My stomach was fine ! The pain I associate with avocados luckily made no appearance (and I’d be able to tell, it’s the same pain every time, almost like burning) and I am so glad, because that dinner was amazing and so easy !

I would love to share my most recent encounter with avocado with you all, but I’m a little upset at the moment.

I have a very.




I kid. Pepper is indeed old, senile and stupid as they come, but she IS house trained.

That brown blob is chocomole ! I simply blended a ripe avocado with four heaping spoonfuls of cocoa powder, six medjool dates, about two tablespoons of agave and about half a cup of almond milk into some thick and dreamy vegan pudding.

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