…and then I died

Moments after hitting publish on my last post and licking my cup of chocomole clean, I started to feel a clenching pain in my lower abdomen. Blasted avocados! I was so naive to think that my intolerance to them was gone.

I tried to breathe the pain away but it only got worse! In minutes I was breathing the way pregnant women do in Lamaze classes when practicing going into labour.


Next I thought I’d massage the pain away but it felt like I was rearranging knives in my stomach. Dramatic, yes, but I’m not exaggerating!

Finally I curled into the fetal position and went to sleep.

Never again. Never, ever, ever again.

There’s still a big bowl of chocomole in my fridge, fortunately, my whole family are chocoholics, let’s just not tell them that the ‘pudding’ is made out of avocado, dates and cocoa, deal?

Dinner was pretty early today, so when I got home from my evening class, I wanted a little somethin’ somethin’

unsweetened cinnamon apple sauce – sliced strawberries – crumbled (homemade) granola bar + a glass of warm almond milk spinkled with cinnamon

My brother just took a bite of the chocomole…

“This is good… it’s made out of vegetables, isn’t it?”



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