Today, I wanted a burger.

Thank goodness for the blogworld. I have a never ending cookbook written by hundreds (thousands?) of beautiful, healthy individuals who share my mangled palate.

I made Gena’s foolproof tofu burgers.

I started them in the blender but the engine burned out (its a thousand years old) and so I had to blend the tofu-goo with my immersion blender ! Foolproof, right?

I made three burgers and a bunch of meat balls for later.

These were the best ! I’ve tried making veggie burgers before but they always fall apart on me. These stayed together very well and were nice and juicy.

A word to all my Calgarian readers ! This Thursday — St. Patrick’s Day — my friend Audry is holding a Zumba-thon in the SAIT gymnasium from 5:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. There is no fee, only a food donation. It’s going to be a huge event ! If you want more information, feel free to email me:


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