Power Nap

I had a dinner date today, but yoga first !

I visited the Yoga Shala for the 4:45 p.m. YIN class hoping to come out nice and stretchy. My back has been super crunchy all week !

Here’s the class description:

Aaaaaaaah….it feels so good to slow down and stretch your muscles deeply. This is a gentle, restorative class involving seated postures, long holds and breathing exercises. Yin Yoga is a great balance to any practice. Come to relax, open your body and calm your mind. This is an excellent class for beginners to yoga or those with injuries (please let teacher know before class if you are injured).

Honestly, all I read out of that paragraph was long holds, so I went in expecting a disgusting amount of planks (oh how I love planks) and such, but this class was slllowww and they mean it when they say long holds; we’re talking 3-10 minutes per posture! But the stretches were very gentle and apparently very necessary. My back is so much happier right now compared to earlier today.


We used a bolster for most positions and held and breathed, and I was apparently exhausted — it’s been a busy few weeks because I fell asleep during almost every posture, it was fantastic, not exactly what I was expecting, more like a very efficient power nap. Although, I’m not certain my body could have handled any more than that.

As soon as class was over and I wiped the drool off of my mat (kidding, kind of) I hustled to Higher Ground to meet my friend Ashley.

She’s moving to England on Saturday and tonight will be the last time I see her in a very very very long time (well, besides frequent skype dates) we’ve been friends forEVER.

It was global vegetarian night and the menu sounded promising:

~ Roasted Red Pepper & Swiss Chard Bisque ~

The soup was nothing exciting, it tasted nice and fresh and it was very rustic but it was nothing to write home about, which was dissapointing because Higher Ground always has the best soups

~ Spaghetti w/Roasted Garlic Marinara & Vegan Meatballs ~

I really wish they used a whole-grain spaghetti, I really preffer the texture and taste of it compared to regular noodles. The sauce was nice and light but a little too thin and didn’t coat the noodles very well. The vegan ‘meatballs’ were intersting (in a good way) I disected them and I think that there was beans, potato, oats and onion involved

~ Banana Walnut Coffee Cake ~

This was actually really, really good. I’m not sure if it was vegan but it was really moist. It reminded me of something that I would bake that my family wouldn’t find sweet enough, but it was perfect to me.

Over all the dinner was good, but not really worth the cost, has anyone else in Calgary gone to Higher Ground’s gobal veg night? What did you think?

Atleast the company was great…

I’ll miss your face !


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