Healthy Highschoolers

There is such a thing! (and belive me I wasn’t one of them)

About a month ago, I was invited by the Health and Wellness Club at my old highschool to work together to promote healthy options in the school (Hi FFCA-ers!!). So far they’re doing fantastic things, The club meets every Tuesday at lunch (while eating their healthy lunches!) and discusses new and exciting ways to make the student body healthier. They’ve already had a ‘Wellness Week’ and are working towards having vending machines with healthier options brought into the school. I’m so proud !

Today, I filled them in on everything I’m doing in the nutrition program I’m in and a bit of blog stuff, they actually gave me a bunch of ideas and motivation to make this blog bigger and better. We also brainstormed what I can talk about to the entire school at their upcoming assembly in April. Exciting stuff ! Thanks Health and Wellness Club, you guys rock!

Tuesdays are, of course, my evening class days, so, as soon as I press publish, I’m going to dig in to my dinner –which I packed in about 45 seconds– veggies and hummus, peanut butter/ banana wrap and an apple.

Oh, I guess I’ll also get to writing my Critical/ Analytical Essay on a poem. I’ve set a goal to have the intro and one body paragraph done before I head home so I better get to work. Why don’t poems ever mean what they mean !!?


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