Yogurt and Yoga on the menu for today.

Canada is so behind on the Greek yogurt craze but finally, finally President’s Choice has come around and you can find it now at Superstore (or Loblaws). It’s delicious and thick like icing! It actually took me a little elbow grease to mix it in with my oats and all the other goodies in my breakfast bowl.

Me: I audibly GASPED when I heared they were selling Greek yogurt at Superstore !

BrotherYour life sucks

Don’t act like you don’t know what happened next…

If you’re hungry five minutes after eating your breakfast, it probably means that there isn’t enough fat or protein involved. My morning scoop of peanut butter sticks to my ribs for hours.

I’m going to another Yin yoga class this afternoon — it’s annoying how much tension I carry in my shoulders — and if I finish another two paragraphs of my essay, I’ll treat myself to a hot yoga class later tonight ! How’s that for motivation ?


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