Oats, greek yogurt, banana, crofters, peanut butter, hemp granola. MMM.

Daily movement: Ashtanga yoga. Beautiful class and amazing instructor, I think I’m partial to male instructors, todays was a wise hippie with a big beard and friendly smile and John Lennon glasses

Today I had a fun photo shoot with Preeya’s friend (and now officially my friend!) Will.

You’ll see the photos when I do ! We took a bunch by the river, in the park and in my kitchen !

It was funny because I’m not one of those people who takes good candid pictures, but if I have to look into a camera for more than a couple of seconds I make my awkward face:

I’ll just stick to taking pictures of my food …


2 thoughts on “Photogenic

  1. YO I LIKE YO NUTS. also i miss you lots. hope you are doing lots of yoga and eating lots of good food. i went to whole foods and bought nut thins and almond milk and felt like everything tasted like almonds. and i bought some larabars =). you should come on over here there is lots of cool ass shit. anyways, MISS YOU POOPOO xxxxox ❤

    • best comment ever.
      I miss you so much too !! I can’t wait for summer so we can play =) and I’m doing my best to get to Vancouver too! soon soon

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