Sweet Bubbly

These next two weeks are going to be hectic! It’s time for final presentations and projects which are all conveniently due in the same week! With evening classes, work and some other projects going on, I’m going to have to be on my A-game.

Until today, I had only ever heard of The Coup. It’s a vegetarian restaurant in Calgary and I’ve only ever heard good things about it and I finally got around to visiting today for lunch. Preeya and I took a nice long walk (longer than necessary, we are both directionally challenged) from school to the restaurant and were seated after a short wait.

One of my instructors mentioned The Coup’s falafel quesadilla and how fantastic it was.

I also got a root beer because it sounded so. good.

It’s been so long! My taste buds were so confused by the sweet bubbles.

The quesadilla was huge and came with an overflowing salad and tzadziki.     DE-licious. I ate half and all my salad, the other half shall be dinner!

With that, I declaire April eat-in month! That means no coffees either! I love going to restaurants, but this past month has been haaard on my bank account. I have lots of things I want to do in the coming years and every penny counts — it’s time to save save save! I’m excited because I’ll be making more delicious things at home, but my school has the best coffee!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Bubbly

  1. I wish Calgary was Saskatoon so that you and I could be real life friends. I wanna go to the coup and drink rootbeer 😀 Good luck with all your presentations and projects!!

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