The Smells I Smelt Along the Way

I used to think that the only way I could successfully run was if I woke up, had a bite of banana and ran out the door. Other wise, I would cramp up. Alternatively, I could wake up, eat my breakfast, digest for a few hours and THEN run. This never worked for my schedule, and so, I didn’t run.

I don’t know who put these thoughts into my head — no wait, it was me.

Today I went on a quick (not really) and dirty 3-miler around my hood, at 4:30 p.m.! crazy talk. The weather was perrrrfect. blue skies with big marshmallowy clouds, warm breeze and puddles ! Love running through those puddles.

But the air stunk. Throughout my run I smelt soggy grass (PUDDLES), doggy-doo (I actually had to stop and check that I didn’t step in some! I didn’t), fried foods (I run by a Dairy Queen) and Marijuana (Someone was having as much fun as I was)

Home, stretched, showered., veggie lasagna courtesy of my mother. Thanks mumah!

and dessert, cookie-dough truffle courtesy of Preeya! Thanks friend!

Guzzling water and snuggling up with my pile of homework. CHUG. CHUG. CHUG.


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