Dinner Downer

Between evening classes and night time yoga classes, recently I’ve been eating dinner around 10:00 p.m. I don’t like it! It makes me less desperate for breakfast in the mornings, I’ll need to devise a new plan of attack for earlier nourishment. I know I could pack dinner, but I’d rather avoid hauling four-hundred tupper wares in my back-pack all day, especially since I do my best to walk every where.

My 10 p.m. dinners aren’t very inspiring either. Take today’s hodge-podge for example:

Tuna mixed with hummus and banana peppers, melba toast, cashews, grapes and a pear. Can’t get enough fruit lately!

At the very least, it will keep my brain going through tonight’s home work session, I might even stay up past midnight! Crazy talk.


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