High School Flashback

Last night, I made dinner to bring over to my friend Brittany‘s house for a sleep over. (The one laughing like an idiot encouraging Britt in the video on her second last post is yours truly)

When I finished cooking I realized that this dish was vegan, not intentionally I swear! It turned out okay, but needs tweaking. It was basically whole-wheat pasta, broccoli, asparagus and chickpeas tossed in a mix of tomato-basil sauce and hummus. I topped it with a crust of crushed Melba toast, nutritional yeast and Earth Balance vegan margarine.

I ended up getting to hang out with my three best friends from high school last night, completely spontaneously. We watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians (sorry brain cells…) in our pajamas and it felt like no time passed since high school. It made me happy.

Brittany and I woke up at 10 (!!) to get ready for yoga, breakfast first though! I shamelessly rummaged through Britt’s kitchen and we made French toast.

-simple egg, milk and vanilla custard, flax bread, cooked in a little bit of butter, sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon and broiled-

We walked to yoga, it’s a beaaaautiful day.

I’m finally home, and since I didn’t get my usual breakfast this morning…



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