Think Healthy Thoughts

Dang! That sore throat has expanded. I have an important presentation tomorrow, so I’m just going to stay positive and not do anything to annoy the sickness. Go away!

Milkshake for Breakfast

  • 1 c. almond milk
  • 4 frosty banana bites
  • ~1 tbsp. Peanut Butter
  • ~1 tbsp. flax
  • ~1/3 c. raw oats
  • ~1/4 c. greek yogurt
  • handful of spinach

mmm sludge. I’m double fisting my milk shake with my cuppa tea. Time for school, I’ll try not to breathe on people.

I got awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by Paije the Veggie Monster


  • Link back to the person that gave you the award.
  • List 7 things people may not know about you.
  • List some of your new favourite blogs.
  • Pass the award onto them and make sure to tell them.

Seven Things:

  • I was born with an extra pinky on the side of my left had and a mole on the side of my right hand. The pinky was removed when I was a baby and now it’s just a little nub. It’s how I learnt my left from my right.
  • Most of the food that I eat is vegan, until I sprinkle cheese onto it.
  • I believe that no one is truly famous until they’ve been featured as a guest star on an episode of The Simpsons
  • I say “When I was young” far too often for someone who is only 19
  • My worst habit is leaving dirty tupper ware in my bag until their contents begin to rot. I eventually just throw the tupper ware out because I’m too scared to open it.
  • I got attacked by a heavily intoxicated girl on the train a couple of weeks ago, she punched me in the side of the head. I’m fine, it was kind of hilarious.
  • I didn’t tell my parents about being attacked by the heavily intoxicated girl, my mom is freaking out as she reads this. Hi mom!

I’m passing the award onto:

BrittanyShifrahLeanneLaurenAyla, Susan and Morgan



2 thoughts on “Think Healthy Thoughts

  1. hehe oh my goodness your adorable 🙂
    I cant believe some girl punched you!! RUDE!!
    Congrats on the award. You deserve it 🙂 xoxo

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