Perfect Day for a Picnic

I tossed and turned all night long and woke up completely refreshed and feeling 96% healthy! Strange how that worked out.

Today I got to speak at an assembly at my old high school about health and nutrition. I talked about how I wasn’t very healthy in high school (even when I thought I was) and what a great feeling it is to be truly healthy.

I was a little nervous…

But my friend Preeya offered some words of wisdom: “if you blank, don’t say the eff word


It was so much fun! I love my high school, thanks to the Health and Wellness Club for inviting me!

I’ve mentioned my friend Brittany’s 30 day blog challange before, on the schedule for today was to have a picnic, it was a little cold out so we took the picnic inside

Salad: Spinach, tomato, feta, chickpeas, hard boiled egg

Fruit and cheese plate

Lemon spiked water

We also made almond butter cookies! Using this recipe, but we replaced the peanut butter with almond butter, and traded the chocolate for cinnamon.

Look at what I found at the bottom of my bag today..

I vaguely remember throwing a hard-boiled egg into my bag earlier this week for a snack, but I completely forgot about it until Preeya and Brittany mentioned some yellow gunk stuck to my water bottle.

Gross. Do pack healthy snacks but don’t forget about them.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Day for a Picnic

  1. I should have brought my posters saying “GO REEFER GO” !!!!!!
    u did an amazing job on the presentation today and i am very glad i got the chance to see it!

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