Home Alone

Last night, I got home at 10:30 p.m. from my evening classes.

The house was dark, my brother was out and the front door was un-locked.

I watch WAY too much Criminal Minds to not be freaked out by this situation.

I grabbed a steak knife and checked all the upstairs rooms.

I also left a shoe next to the basement door so that if I heard THAT move, I’d be out of there.

I also jumped when my bread popped out of the toaster.

I also hung out with the steak knife next to me all night.

Clearly, I didn’t sleep very well last night and slept in until 9 this morning. Before he left last night, my brother left two peices of bread out that became completely stale by the time I found them. I was in the middle of writing him an angry note, because that’s how we communicate in this house, but instead I made french toast with them for breakfast and didn’t share. Take that!


2 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Clearly something was in the air last night, I had an almost identical experience! Spent the evening with my heart pounding and an increasingly unrealistic mental dialogue where I imagined myself confronting whatever robbers or murderers were lurking in the shadows! But hurrah for French toast, revenge is a dish best served…by scoffing it yourself 🙂

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