Vacationing Strategically

You might recall the last time my parents went out-of-town…

The house was a disaster and my liver may never be the same. We (my brother and I) were young and foolish. Ok, it wasn’t even a year ago, but you get the idea.

This time, they planned their getaway more strategically, during a time where I have a million things on my to-do list, exams, presentations, work, and I was sick! It’s also my brother’s last couple weeks of art school. We’re too busy to get into any trouble.

Even better, while they’re sipping margs in their bathing suits, we got another thick blanket of snow the other night.

I chose studying and sun salutations in front of the fireplace over hot yoga the other night

I chose savoury oatmeal over a face-sized salad the other night

Once you stop gagging, (Preeya, I’m talking to you) hear me out! Oats are a grain, like rice, or barley, or quinoa, and you wouldn’t be opposed to having THOSE with an egg on top! Savoury Oats are delicious.

Brother’s Bowl:

Oats, veggie broth, cottage cheese and spinach, topped with two eggs, grated cheese and salsa

My bowl:

Same thing, More veggies, less of everything else.

Mom, Dad, if you’re reading this from your blackberry while basking in the sun on a beautiful Mexican beach, the dishes are done and there are no new holes in the walls.


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