A Lunch of Scraps and Remains

I am officially part of the Karma Cleaning crew at the Yoga Passage. That means that I clean the studio for 90 minutes a week and in return, I get a free membership.

I love this studio, I’m a groupon girl, so whenever a deal for yoga passes comes up, I buy it without a second thought, so I’ve been to several yoga studios around town, but I have a special place in my heart for the Yoga Passage.

My first Karma Cleaning shift was tonight, after a 75-minute hot class, which was unfortunately very unpleasant because although I’m not sick anymore, my nose is still plugged, making breathing through the nostrils impossible so my breath was out of whack the entire time.

We’re running out of food! I had to throw together this sad little masterpiece for lunch

The last of the chickpeas, mixed with salsa and the last of the cheese on top of the last slice of bread (stale bread) and a soft, mealy apple. Must get some groceries before the parents return!


I have my first counselling session tomorrow! It’s part of my Nutrition Coaching class and is worth a quarter of my final grade. I better get to sleepin’ !


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