Decisions, Decisions

For my eighteenth birthday, I asked for a beach cruiser. I thought they looked cool so I ordered it from eBay. Its cute, but completely impractical. It weighs a hundred pounds, is impossible to get up hills, the handle bars shift whenever I go over a bump and it doesn’t have any breaks. You have to pedal backwards. It was a pretty bad decision.

Final projects and presentations are over! I don’t want to look at power point again for a very long time. I came home after class and slept for four hours: dreaming dreams that I was making eggs with the Barefoot Contessa (the tv was on the food network while I slept) It was a very good decision.

When I woke up I decided to take the bike out for a spin, the first one this year! The weather said 6ceclius and I thought that would be warm enough for shorts and flip-flops.

Bad. Bad, bad decision. My toes and hands were frozen the whole time. I was hoping for a leisurely hour-long ride, but I ended up speeding through my route in 30 minutes, I just wanted to get home and be warm!

When I did finally get home, I threw together a huge salad –spinach, sprouts, tomato, trail mix, salmon, feta, hummus- and a big mug of hot almond milk with cocoa to warm me up.

Best decision I’ve made all day.


One thought on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I have a really nice beach cruiser to and I agree, SO impractical!! GEEZ these things suck! I love it still but it is so heavy, huge, and yeah, pedal backwards and 3 gears! but so pretty.

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