Wardrobe Malfunction

Today, my mummy and I took the sewer rat for a walk by the river

right after, I went to yoga. Hot Yoga Groove to be exact. It was such a fun class, standard Ashtanga in a sweltering room only the music was fast and exciting. Think Vinyasas to Madonna.

Someone SERIOUSLY needs to teach me how to dress during exercise. Yesterday, with the shorts and flip-flops and today I wore Lululemon Wunder Unders to a HOT yoga class. I died, I’ll have to drink a galleon of water for every hour of the next five days to replace all the water I sweated out today.

My hair was straight before the class.

I got home and guzzled water + electrolytes

and I was craaaaving salt. You know, to replace all that I lost in yoga. I was very well seasoned after today’s class.

Dinner included the return of spicy chick-un in a wrap with spinach and laughing cow cheese plus a pile of steamed broccoli with Bragg’s Amino acids.


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