Bring on the Dijon

I had two exams today, Nutrition Trends and Controversy and Menu Planning for Special Diets.

I finished the first one in no time and had over an hour until my next one so I went to the gym for thirty minutes of sprints and incline walking, zipped through my second exam and was home before noon!

It’s always a treat to be home for lunch, today I made one of my favorites, the cheese and pumpkin quesadilla. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I also had a pile of steamed broccoli with bragg’s amino acids, which I’m really digging right now.

A few bites into the quesadilla something just wasn’t right, it wasn’t as fantastic as I remembered… then I realized.

I forgot the mustard! The Dijon mustard MAKES this recipe. It’s crucial. Imperative. Vital. Essential (and any other synonyms for very important) to the flavour of this wrap. I carefully separated the layers of the tortilla and spread a little mustard on the inside. No harm done.

Speaking of harm, I think I’ve pulled a muscle!  Although I’m not as into weight lifting as I was over the summer (I’m a fitness phaser, you can read about it on my About Me page) I still do some strength training at least twice a week because I don’t want to lose the strength that I’ve gained so far. Anyways, yesterday I did some grunt-inducing bicep curls, and right before I went to bed, I felt a sharp pain between my bicep and my shoulder and I can barely lift my left arm. It makes me feel like a TANK. but that’s really not good. I’m going to yoga tonight, that should fix me right up!


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