Where the Marg’s At?

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Fact. I have no idea what Cinco De Mayo celebrates. Fact. I had to Google Cinco De Mayo to make sure that I was spelling it right. I wasn’t. Fact. I work with two girls who are fluent in Spanish and I constantly try to converse with them.

Them: Hola Ariffa, como estas?

Me: Nacho, Chihuahua, Luchadore. I’m working on it.

With all of this considered, I had to celebrate. Lazy Girl’s Cinco De Mayo Dinner.

Campbell’s Healthy Request Fiesta Vegetable and Black Bean with cheese sprinkles and tortilla chips! Slurp, Crunch, Arrrrriiiibbbbaa

I’m sipping green tea but pretending it’s a margarita. Imaginations are fun!


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