My legs were going twitch twitch twitch all night long. You know when you dream that you’re falling and your legs flail? It happened several times last night. I wish I could remember my dreams, I bet they’re full of adventure and rainbows.

I went to the gym before work today for 30 minutes of sprints/ incline walking to get the twitches out!

The weather isn’t perfect enough for me to want to run outside, and running on the treadmill is a draaaaag (most of the time) sprints on the other hand, are pretty fun, I do 9.0 for 20 seconds and 4.0 for 40 seconds. It goes by so quickly!

I showered and meandered to work for the day. Let me tell you a sure fire way to have the tightest hips ever: Sprints + Desk job. I got home, put some quinoa on the stove, and did a quicky hip-opening yoga flow of pigeons, runners lunges, happy baby, butterfly, fire log. Hurt. So. Good.

My mom made coconut curry with salmon for dinner, and I drowwwnnned my quinoa in it.


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