Under the Influence

The fireball in the sky has such a good effect on me.

It must be the abundance of Vitamin D soaking into my system but I’m in a great mood, I feel unstoppable!!

So unstoppable that last night, I registered for the Underwear Affair

It’s a 5 or 10k race raising awareness on cancers below the waist. You can read more about the cause here

Last year, my Uncle Zully passed away from colon cancer. It was really rough on the family throughout his fight with cancer and since he’s passed away. He is my motivation and inspiration for this race and I’m happy to support cancer treatment facilities throughout the province, and I need your help! There is a minimum of $300.00 that needs to be raised in order to participate in the race, but I want to raise more! I would be so grateful for any donations on your behalf. Just click here, it doesn’t matter how big or small the donation is, every little bit counts. Lets’ ninja kick cancer in the butt!


I got home from around noon today, debating having lunch and going for a run later, or popping a date and going for a run right away. I chose the latter because I wasn’t starving yet.

It was a good one! Nice and short, maybe 2.5 miles? Unfortunately I left my Facebook open defenceless to my brother and his goonies…

Oh. Brother.

When lunch time finally rolled around I made a smoothie (banana, almond milk, chia seeds, peanut butter, spinach) and toast with hummus, salsa and an egg.

I have a sneaker tan over my sandle tan and a farmers tan over my back-pack tan. Mr. Sun, never leave me.


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