I’m so busy this week! It’s nice to be productive but a lot of my favorite things are being put on the back burner.

Blogging, clearly. Oh, and that exercise thing? So far this week I’ve run two whole miles and gone to one yoga class. Exercise will be there next week, for now, I have essays to write, formulas to memorize and…

Lentil walnut loaf to make!

One of my classes this semester is recipe modification/ cooking for special diets. The first day of class we had to make a vegan recipe and I was almost giddy! Vegan food is so much fun.

I made this at home once before, but in class my partner and I made little ‘meat loaf’ muffins. They were hidious and delicious!

Other people in the class made pasta salad in balsamic dressing

quinoa and black bean salad

and vegan fruit tart!!!

Tasted as good as it looks.


We also had a consistency modification lab, so we had to make foods easier to eat for people who couldn’t really chew. I wish I had a picture, but yesterday, I got to throw an entire tuna sandwich into a food processor. I garnished it with a sprig of parsley to try and make it look appetizing. I failed.


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