Texas Bound

Last night a few friends got together to have a little going away party for Preeya

How sad! My Preeya friend is moving to Texas! Thank goodness for Skype and texting and Facebook but I’ll miss her so much!

I worked until 5:30 and then we grabbed dinner at The Coup

Mmmmm goddess bowl. It was huge and I destroyed it. Take it from me, sitting at a reception desk all day really works up an appetite.

We made our way over to Vicious Circle, a martini bar in Calgary with 141 different kinds of martinis to meet up with more friends who wanted to see Preeya before she was off

I feel awful because I’m the one who suggested Vicious Circle but it was LAME (music/ service/ energy). I had been there once before and had a good time, but I already had some giggle water in my system that time… I ordered a Goldfinger, which was Goldschlager and Vodka and had a couple of sips before I dubbed it cinnamony nail polish remover.

I honestly hate alcohol but drink it sometimes anyways, kids these days.

We ended up at Vinyl for a couple more drinks, dancing and a sob-fest in the middle of the dance floor when we had to say goodbye.

Preeya is really an amazing, amazing friend and I’m sad to see her go but I’m positive we’ll talk as often as we do now. I just know she’ll rock the Texan accent. Yeehaw


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